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Camden Hells Fresh Glass On Pack 2022 Promotion


1. What is the Camden Town Brewery “Fresh Glass” promotion?

We’re glad you asked. Our Camden Town Brewery Fresh Glass promotion gives you the chance to get your own limited edition Jack Glass created by us, on us. There are 3 designs to choose from. Look out for our Camden Hells Lager promotional packs in-store and our webshop, and enter your unique pack code found in every pack online at to claim your gift.

2. How long is the promotion open for?

The promotion starts on 31st March 2022 and closes on 30th September 2022.

3. Which packs are promotional packs?

The promotion runs on specially marked promotional packs of Camden Hells Lager in GB, and will appear on the cardboard packaging. These are the 4 x 330mL Can, 4 x 330mL Bottle, 10 x 330mL Bottle, 12 x 330mL Can or 12 x 330mL Bottle packs.

4. Where can I purchase a Camden Hells Lager ‘Fresh Glass’ promotional pack?

Promotional packs are stocked in participating GB stores including our Web Shop, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Whole Foods, Waitrose, Co-op and M&S stores.

5. What if I can’t find a promotional pack?

This offer is pretty popular and promotional packs are subject to availability – so get it quick cos once they’re gone, they’re gone.

6. Where do I find my unique code?

Your unique code is printed inside the cardboard pack. Look for the unique 6-digit alpha-numeric codes.

7. Can I claim more than one Glass?

Yes, you can claim a maximum of 6 glasses per household by providing 6 unique codes obtained by purchasing promotional packs. The promotion is limited to a maximum of 6 redemptions per household. Each unique code can only be used once.

8. Can I choose which Camden Town Brewery limited edition Glass I receive?

Yes you can! There are 3 designs to choose from. Please select your glass design (subject to availability) from here If your fave glass design chosen is unavailable, don’t worry, we’ll send you the next available glass design.

9. My unique code won’t work. What should I do?

Check you have entered each digit correctly (it happens to the best of us). Each unique code is valid for one use only. If you are still experiencing problems contact us at [email protected].

10. I cannot read my code or it is damaged, what should I do?

If you have problems with your unique code, shoot us an email at [email protected] with a pic of the unique code you wanna use so we can work something out together.

11. Can I claim by post?

Nope, this is online only. Claims can only be made via the promotion website.

12. When will I receive my glass?

We will try and deliver your jacks as soon as possible, ideally within 28 days of you receiving your confirmation email. BUT, there could be delays and can take up to 90 days for a claim to be dispatched.

13. Can I change my address details?

Nope, once claims have been submitted address details cannot be changed.

14. I have not received my glass, what do I do?

Your glass should be delivered within 90 days to the address you entered with your entry. If you have not received your glass after 90 days please contact us at [email protected].

15. I received my glass but it was damaged, what should I do?

With great beer, comes great responsibility. So we package up your glasses as carefully as possible to avoid any breakages. BUT, in the unusual event your glass is damaged as it makes its way to you, please take a photo of the damaged glass and packaging and email it to [email protected]. We’ll work something out!

16. I don’t live in Great Britian; can I claim a Camden Limited Edition glass?

Nope, the offer is only available to residents of Great Britain.

17. What will the information I have submitted be used for?

Your info will only be used to fulfil your claim and to check anti fraud stuff, unless you have opted to receive beer news (marketing) from us. It will also be used to check how many times you have entered.

18. I don't have access to the Internet?

The offer is only on our microsite, so you’ll need the internet. There are public places like libraries etc that offer access.

19. I have a question about your beer and brewery, who can I contact?

Check out our website for more info or shoot us a question at [email protected].

20. Can I put my glass in the dishwasher?

No, these glasses are not dishwasher safe.

21. Can't find the answer to your question?

Can’t find the answer to your question? Click here to read the full terms and conditions or please get in touch with Customer Care at [email protected].